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Stop looking outside for scraps of pleasure or fulfillment for validation, security or love – You have a treasure within that is infinintly greater than anything the world can offer.


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Lizelle Classen

My name is Lizelle Classen and I would like to give you a little insight into my journey and how I eventually decided to take charge of my life. The year 2017/2018 was a real eye opener for me in all aspects of my life. Although we all grow or evolve constantly, that was the year that my transformation started. I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did and had to find out why. I believed I was a good mom and good partner, I kept everyone happy. So what was the problem? At first I didn’t really understand what was happening, but life soon started showing me what I was suppose to face. ME

In 2017 it seemed as if everything is falling apart. After having problems in our relationship for quite some time, we finally decided to end our marriage. That same year I also quit my job, although I was lucky enough to be at home and spend more time with my kids. I suddenly started to ask myself a lot of questions. Now that I had the time questions kept popping up…
I started feeling different. I had that one burning question … What did I want to do with my life? Is this it? In march of that year I started seeing a Transformation Life coach which is my best friend today. My world started to make sense again, and I understood what I was going through and how it affected me. Although it was tough and I cried a lot, I had to face what was killing me inside.

Besides everything else I was going through, I also had a problem with my weight. It fluctuated a lot as I was definitely an emotional eater. After finally putting myself first, and dealing with me, I decided to take action and look after myself and lose weight. I decided what I wanted to look like and focused only on the end result.
I know it is easier said than done, but I know for a fact that it’s possible to turn your life around. You have the choice to do so and it is a powerful one. The worst part was facing those demons the things that makes us so unsure about the person you see the mirror.

There is only one question. Do you want to make that powerful transformation or do you want to sit and wait until it’s too late? 

The journey starts with you

How can we help you transform

The Transformation programme will assist you in the following criteria:

Transform yourself image and any doubts you have about yourself.
Installing empowering beliefs and the ability to visualize and manifest    them to reality.
Develop your vision.
Setting goals and following through step by step.
Empowering you to understand Self Love and awareness in the now.
Eliminating fears and anxiety.
Inner conflict and phobias you might have encountered.
Negative beliefs and Limiting beliefs.

Why do we sabotage ourselves and why can’t we live the life we want

Our own Limiting beliefs.. is a result of our own emotional state that determines how we think and feel..this determines thoughts, behavior and decisions daily. Our values, beliefs, cravings ,habits ,likes and dislikes are all stored in our sub conscious mind which is what drives how we think and what we do.
When change takes place on a sub conscious level , you change all your limiting beliefs about yourself and therefor also the outcome or results.
These are limitations you experience and once you change your inner world you will learn how to take control of your own life.
This Transformational Life Coaching programme can be very powerful and liberating and it will help you experience life positively as you get rid of all the hurt ,sadness, fear , anger, guilt that has been building up inside your core for many years and which needs to be released from your sub conscious mind to set you free.

Coaching services I offer

Relationship coaching

It seems obvious to some of us that we all go through a setback in our relationships and then we tend to ignore the signs of unhappiness due to life.

Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere and to do something and then it happens we realize life was so busy consuming us that we forget about our partners.

The companionship disappears and my partner becomes a friend.
I can help you find yourself and your partner again by giving you the tools and guidens when you both feel lost.

Parental crises/guidance coaching

We forget how precious our children really are and that they also struggle to understanding who they are suppose to be in this crazy busy world.

We expect them to handle and move with the times without knowing how this makes them feel and how alone in this big world they become, with no guidance or self help. Parents don’t always know what to do so I will guide you and help you understand their needs so that they can help themselves.

With the right tools and proper structure and understanding you as the parent will guide and help your child to understand their behavior and emotionally set them free to become who they truly are.

Anxiety and Depression

Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed and we tend to struggle with that feeling , being out of control triggers the mind . The mind goes into a state of protection and your body feels powerless and afraid of what will happen next.. this is just part of either going through depression and Anxiety – having a lack of control or feeling a constant sadness, I want to assist you and help you through this and give you the tools to guide you and make you understand The Why. With the right teqniques we can transform your state and you will understand and feel liberated.

Fitness and Health coaching

I understand that life can be hectic and it’s often tough to find time to workout not to mention eating correctly and have the right amount of discipline to help yourself maintain that. I have been there myself and I made every possible excuse there is. I realized that I was so unhappy . I never had any energy didn’t want to do anything with my family and it was then when I had a nasty encounter with high coulestrol. I decided I cant go on like this anymore and made that choice to change my lifestyle and also assist clients to do so to. I will help you transform your body and especially your mind .It is one thing to look good but to feel good is another . Let me help you first understand the WHY and then we can work on the HOW.

Personal and work related goal set coaching

Do you strive to be best version of yourself but something is holding you back, you feel stuck and you seem to get nowhere. Your working hard but feel as if you are failing.. let me help you get out of that hole and rise like the phoenix out of the ashes.



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